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Advertising on Bing makes for comprehensive PPC marketing activities.

Given that Google does not account for 100% of all online searches, it does not make sense to focus 100% of your PPC campaign on Google. A more comprehensive PPC marketing campaign means that it is essential to focus efforts on other platforms such as Bing. Today, Bing accounts for about 20% of all online searches – including Yahoo’s search network since they teamed up with Bing. One of the great positives of using Bing’s search network is that, although volumes are smaller, it often produces results and sales at a much lower cost.

“First Click Media can help you get started with Bing Advertising – right now.”

If you already have an existing campaign in place, we can help overhaul your campaign to deliver better results. Our expertise in Bing PPC advertising includes building a solid strategy, consultancy and management of Bing ads. We can help create high quality adverts for Bing and Yahoo search engines that deliver you better returns on your investment in a PPC campaign.

At First Click Media, we offer end to end services involving a Bing advertising campaign. This includes extensive keyword research, creation and optimisation of adverts, on-going optimisation of keywords and campaigns and reporting. We can help you maximise revenue from your online content through our services. We work on flexible budgets and always aim to deliver the best returns on your investment.

Whether you need a localised campaign or an international campaign, we are here to help you out. We have a dedicated team of Bing advertising experts, who work in accordance to your existing SEO and PPC campaigns. Our Bing advertising services enable you to deliver highly contextual ads, mobile docked ads, in-content ads and other display ads for all IAB sizes.

Use First Click Media Bing Advertising services to maximise the returns of your PPC campaign!